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Howeller Co. - Design

We work to create the best out of whatever project you might have for us, whether it be for web, print, video or even the end of an e-ink pen.

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Our Services

We do all sorts, primarily in the field of web development and design, but you can probably ask us to do anything…

Graphic Design

We can design for anything, bitmap or vector, there’s no limitation here.


We have specialists in print ready to work with you for any brief you might have.


Producing awesome websites for clients is a major portion of what we do at Howeller.


Pictures for absolutely anything you could think of. In a forest or on an oil rig? No worries! We’ll shoot it!


We have the best in video production on hand for a highly efficient, all-in-one package.


Working on a marketing strategy to go with your project can often be the hardest part of it, hence we cover that too!

Coming into 2018

As we move through 2018, at Howeller, we’ve been looking more to the corporate end of digital design and marketing. So while you might see less of the arty bits on our instagram, be assured that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes while we work with more and more clients to help them get the best out of their projects with us.

While this may be the case, we’re always looking for more opportunities in all the areas in which we operate, so you’ll still see showcases of the kinds of things we do all over the shop!

Our Latest Projects

See some of our most recent work here:

IIC Holdings

Latest client work, in collaboration by a company founded by Yo-yo Chang

Paint Series

Took some pictures of paint, made it look jazzy, what more can you want?


We went to Iceland, and here were some of the results.

Join Us

Why join?

We’re a no-frills agency, a network of freelancers rather than being based in one location. This makes our projects far more easily mobile, hence if you join, you have the freedom to work for us whenever you want. We’ll just contact you if we think you’d be great for a project, and if you’re free then we’ll get you straight in contact with our client! Should you have any troubles or extra requirements just give us a shout at HQ and we’ll help you out.

What can I do?

We’re always looking for help here at Howeller, and we’ll look at whichever kinds of skills you could bring to the table if you feel it would help us grow and develop our client base.


How does it work?

We work based on a small team of freelancers, collaborating together to provide the best possible on a project depending on how each one of us would best suit our clients.

Do you have any specific job titles for me?

Quick answer: Not particularly, but we’re open to adding all sorts to our platform as we look to expand our range of available services. The more different you are, the better!

Sign me up?

Just give us a poke through the contact channels shown if you’d like to speak to us directly, or email¬†for an information pack. If you’re already convinced send through a portfolio, then we’ll review it and get back to you promptly.


Updates & Whatnot

Watch this space and make sure you aren’t missing out on any new developments coming from over the way!

Temporary Shop Change

Having Shifted to the new site system, we still have to make some small infrastructure changes prior to bringing back the shop... Please bear with us while we sort this, as it may take some extra time.

New Site

Welcome to the new site! (For those who are into web development this was created using Divi Wordpress, which is by far the best theme/plugin set out there.)

Let's Work Together!

Whatever you have in mind, we’ll be able to get it sorted and all at the lowest rates possible. Just give us a shout and we’ll get right on it!


26 Atfield Grove, Windlesham

GU20 6DP, GB

(+44) 7425 138383